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Turn Your Passion Into an Everyday Reality

If you're someone who has spent years to master and practice the principles of self sufficiency, sustainability and you share the love of wanting to save planet earth, you've come to the right place!

The Vine Community platform will enable you to register yourself as part of our global database of experienced practitioners in the area of sustainability and self sufficiency. As experienced practitioners you'll be able to help others achieve their self sufficiency goals by sharing your experience and teaching them how to apply the methods and means that you have learned and mastered over the years. You'll be able to provide customized consultancy services and such as permaculture garden designs, sustainable construction plans, solar power map and design, water conservation plan and many others. Clients will be able to book your services for a fee and you'll be able to gain income from being part of this unique global network of practitioner worriers who are helping to spread the 'know how' of self sufficiency to every day people. We deploy 'just-in-time' learning model, meaning that whenever one of our community members has a question, or if they're faced with a challenge or they need to troubleshoot something and or design a sustainable solution based on their unique needs/situation, our practitioners will be ready to help. Through our platform experience your services will be accessible to community members from around the world. Our database of practitioners covers a wide range of areas and sub specializations that are mainly categorized as follows:  

  • Permaculture and organic farming 
  • Home steading and raising live stock  
  • Energy & water conversation
  • Survival skills
  • 0 Waste living
  • Sustainable housing and construction
  • Sustainable cooking  practices
  • Sustainable food preparation and Preservation
  • Personal finance and investment
  • Forging and natural medicine 

If you have at least four or more years of experience in one or more of the above categories or subcategories and you'd love to join our movement, then fill the form on the right side of this page!

In addition to offering your services to potential clients, you'll be able to set up your own online farmer's market shop. you'll be able to sell produce, green products, seeds and plant cutting and many others via our marketplace platform.

Have questions? Email: info@eimanalzaabi.com

How Does It Work?

By registering through out platform, you will be able to sell goods and services. The vine communities platform will charge you a fee for every transaction that takes place as follows:

  • 5% on every client booking service
  • 10% on every marketplace purchase

You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to global client leads
  • Customer service
  • Maintain a database of goods and services on our platform
  • Tracking tools (future enhancement)
  • Purchase self promotion services to attract more clients

Important to Note

This is a preliminary form to register interest of people who have at least four years of experience in the areas listed on this page and who consent to be screened/interviewed for further verification and or request for more information about their experience before they are fully registered into our database.

All verified and registered practitioners will have the opportunity to gain some income under our guidelines and rates by being registered on the platform. Further details will be sent to you about our process once your application passes the needed requirements and the platform goes live.

Practitioner Registration Form

Filling this form does not constitute a guaranteed registration into the vine communities platform.

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