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I am starting a movement called Vine Communities that enables intentional communities around the world to learn the skills necessary for local reliance, preparedness, and mutual aid. 

A Time when crisis are on the rise

While intellectuals in online forums contemplate an apocalypse or a technological singularity, and New Age gurus claim the coming age of transcendence and the promise of unified consciousness, everyday families worry about their survival. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we witnessed the interruption of the supply chain. We witnessed people losing their source of income and experiencing the resulting financial hardship. We witnessed people going back to the basics of life, learning to do things from scratch such as cooking, washing clothes, giving haircuts, gardening – you name it!  

I asked myself, what if all the systems that make up the supply chain collapse due to a pandemic, climate change, or sociopolitical unrest? What if we lose our economic viability as a country? What if the healthcare and educational systems fail us? Will my children have the necessary skills to survive? Do we currently have the needed resources to have control over our food sources? Can we ensure our family’s financial viability in the future? Can we manage a household that uses sustainable resources and help reduce our carbon footprint? Can we practice emergency medicine when needed? Do we have access to natural and reliable sources of water, energy, and food?  

"Be joyful though you have considered all the facts"

— Wendell Berry

Our Freedom

Humans are free beings by virtue of having the gift of free will bestowed upon us by our creator. We are not to give up our freedom and power to systems, ideologies, or social and economic constructs. God has given us the land resources and inner resourcefulness to live a good life.  Humans are at liberty to choose the way of life that works best for them.

The Earth Calls for Our Return

We all know that we must save our planet, yet our collective actions are not coherent enough to produce measurable results. The earth calls for our return to enhance and sustain its natural systems rather than take away from it or destroy it. As we witness the current state of our economic, political, social, and agricultural systems, we realize that there’s work to be done. We realize that we must take our power back and begin to take charge of our life; no one will do it for us.

Changing the world begins with the work we do in our local communities

Changing the world begins with the work we do in our local and intentionally created communities. Governments must allow and support people in choosing their way of life away from structures that drain their financial resources and deprive them of their basic freedoms while offering services and setting up healthy structures to meet their essential needs and provide access to resources and raw material. By attaining individual and communal power, freedom, and liberty, we shape the future of our communities, the world, and the entire planet by creating symbiotic relationships with ourselves, our communities, and nature. 

Let the Healing Begin

The planet is in need of healing and restoration to bring forth a more empowered, genuine, self-expressive, and sustainable lifestyle for all where values such as freedom, equality, community, and welfare are shared among all people.  As the path extends further ahead of us, we realize that our children need to gain the skills necessary to survive hardship and be able to adapt and deal with extreme situations should that be required in their future. Our lives are hanging on a thread that is currently tied to man-made systems. We have the power and the ability to tie the thread to the ever-regenerating and giving earth and begin to heal its land while it gives back to us, to our children, and to our grandchildren.

The Dream

At this time of so much darkness in the world, I want to share a dream of mine. I envision humans living in sustainable intentional communities, cultivating their land, caring for one another while their relationship with themselves, nature, and God is restored. Imagine humans having total control and freedom over their meeting their own needs and ensuring their own well-being while they are empowered to bring forth a nature-driven civilization. 

Today, I embark on a journey of a lifetime with the commitment to discover a new life; one of freedom, ease, and collective resilience. I want myself and my family to learn all the skills necessary for our survival and welfare. I want those skills to be taught to my children and grandchildren. I want us to take responsibility for our lives and know that we can create sustainable and healthy communities that allow us to experience happiness in connection while harmoniously cultivating the earth’s resources. 

"The door is wide open to each and every one of us.  The way of the Light is there for those who understand the profound connection between humans and nature, for those who see the inseparable bond calling to be acknowledged and recognized."

— Eiman Al Zaabi

Introducing the Vine Communities Platform

Building Intentional Communities of Resilience

Become a True Community

The Vine Communities platform will allow community members to start their virtual community platform that represents a vine comprised of individuals living in the same neighborhood while providing an integrated community experience. Additional members can be added through requests sent to the community lead. The platform will enable communities to foster principles of cohesion and connectedness among its members as well as provide a space for community neighborhoods to practice the principles of a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle by utilizing the following platform features:

  • Start an enclosed and inclusive intentional vine community online
  • Conduct moneyless exchange of goods and services
  • Recycle and Reuse items
  • Start a community challenge to help achieve communal goals, educate others, or help someone in need.
  • Run youth and children educational programs

The platform will keep track and measure community activities by measuring specific metrics based on resilient communities' principles (i.e., closed-loop systems). Metrics will include but are not limited to internal/local trade, community learning, resource sharing, collaboration, and social welfare. The more communities around the world engage in the above-shared activities, the more they can achieve self-reliance and become resilient. In addition, the platform will enable individuals that belong to a specific 'vine' community to track their development through a dashboard reflecting the levels of community activities while tracking how close they are to their goal of becoming self-reliant and, therefore, resilient.

Vine Communities Platform

Track and Achieve your Self Sufficiency Goals

The Vine Communities platform will enable you to set and track your individual self-sufficiency goals. You will be able to track your daily/weekly tasks in regards to a specific goal. You'll be able to set your goals for a particular growing season or a period of time, and you will be able to create mutual goals with friends and family who are on the same platform. Self Sufficiency goals can be in the following categories:

  • Permaculture and organic farming 
  • Home steading and raising livestock  
  • Energy & water conversation
  • Survival skills
  • 0 Waste living
  • Sustainable housing and construction
  • Sustainable cooking  practices
  • Sustainable food preparation and Preservation
  • Personal finance management and investment
  • Forging and natural medicine 

The platform will notify you about other individuals in your community/city working on a similar goal. You will be able to contact that person via the App to collaborate or learn from each other's experience.

Find Community Based Experts

One of the hallmarks of healthy communities is learning and knowledge transfer. The Vine Community platform will enable you to have access to your local community-based practitioners, who will provide you with the "know-how" that you need to achieve your self-sufficiency goals. We deploy a 'just-in-time' learning model, meaning that whenever you have a question, or if you're faced with a challenge or need to troubleshoot something or design a sustainable solution based on your unique needs/situation, listed community practitioners will be ready to help. Our database of locally available or international practitioners covers a wide range of areas and sub-specializations that are mainly categorized as follows:

  • Permaculture and Organic Farming
  • Raising Live Stock
  • Energy & Water Conversation
  • Basic and Advanced Survival Skills
  • 0 Waste Living
  • Sustainable Cooking Practices
  • Sustainable food preparation and Preservation
  • Personal Finance and Investment
  • House Hold Management
  • Wellness and natural medicine

Community members will be able to register and enlist themselves as practitioners once they pass the application process. You can register your initial interest here.

Set Up Your Virtual Farmer's Market Stand

Whether you are selling organic vegetables that you have grown in your backyard or household items such as baked goods, fermented vegetables, and or jars of spice, the vine community platform allows you to set up your virtual farmer's market stand and sell directly to your community members or people in your city while providing you with the opportunity to self-reliance and community support. The platform also allows you to donate excess food items to your community members, enabling you to practice mutual aid while maintaining a sense of community spirit.

The Marketplace will allow you to sell & buy in the following categories:

  • Locally grown produce
  • Seeds and plant cuttings
  • Dairy & preserved food
  • Dried herbs & medicinal plant tinctures
  • Green products (household cleaning items, recycled products, compost bins, seed trays, etc.)
  • Advertise housing units, land, and living space available within your community

Teach Your Children

Our children will inherit this planet, and it is vital that they, too, have the resources and knowledge of how to care for it and sustain it. The vine community platform will allow community members to offer events and educational programs that will help community members, including our children, learn the fundamental skills of self-sufficiency and survival skills to enable them to lead a sustainable way of life while enhancing the quality of their life and wellbeing.  

By choosing a self-sufficient lifestyle, you will be able to reduce your reliance on fragile supply chain systems; you will move from being a consumer to being a provider and collaborator in a certain community. Learning how to cut costs is easy when you can produce your own food, raise the animals that will feed you and your family, and gain the means to food preservation and fermentation that will help you store and consume food over long periods of time. It's time to take charge of our destiny and begin the work needed to create a nature-driven civilization.

Join us today on this journey!

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