Building Communities of Resilence

One of the hallmarks of healthy and resilient communities is learning and knowledge transfer. Our programs are designed to provide you with the "know-how" that you need to achieve your resilience and self-sufficiency goals. We deploy a 'just-in-time' learning model, meaning that you get to choose from a variety of classes that suit your needs and fill your skill gaps in order to progress on your journey towards self-sufficiency. Programs are designed for children, teens, and adults. Our database of locally available and international practitioners covers a wide range of areas and sub-specializations that are mainly categorized as follows:

Family Resilience Program

  • Introduction to the Self-Sufficiency Lifestyle
  • Family Budget and Finance
  • Introduction to Herbal Medicine
  • Starting your Medicinal Herbal Garden
  • Herbal Teas for Health
  • Set up your Emergency Medicine Cabinet
  • Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables
  • Food Canning Techniques
  • Introduction to Food Dehydrating and Storing
  • Making your Own Homemade Cleaning Supplies
  • Introduction to Zero Waste Living Lifestyle
  • Family Nutrition
  • Sustainable Cooking Methods including Cheese & Bread Making
  • Introduction to Organic Gardening in your Backyard
  • Container Gardening for Small Spaces
  • Introduction to Composting
  • Introduction to Bee Keeping
  • Introduction to Raising Backyard Chickens
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Personal Resilience Program

  • Developing Personal Resilience for Children
  • Self Defense Program for Boys and Girls
  • Physical Resilience and Fitness for Children
  • Emotional Well-Being and Self-Care
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving  
  • Personal Effectiveness and Time Management
  • Leadership Development for Children
  • Career and Passion Discovery (for Teens and Adults)
  • Self-Reliance and Organizational Skills for Children
  • Gaining Spiritual Balance and Resilience
  • Personal Investments and Financial Security
  • Clearing Personal Debt

Communal Resilience

  • Developing Empathy (for Children, Teens, and Adults)
  • Conflict Management
  • Communal Crisis Management
  • Communal Collaboration, Kindness, and Teamwork
  • Team Work and Instigating Positive Change
  • Community Moneyless Exchange and Support
  • Communal Skill Share Program
  • Community Time Banks

Life Skills Program*

  • Introduction to Cooking Methods
  • Camping, Hiking, and Survival Skills for Adults
  • Introduction to Organic Gardening
  • First Aid
  • Sewing Workshop
  • Carpentry Workshop
  • Electrical Work Workshop

*All above-mentioned programs are run for Children, Teens, and Adults

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