"At this time of so much darkness in the world, I want to share a dream of mine. I envision humans living in sustainable communities, cultivating their land, caring for one another while their relationship with themselves, nature, and God is restored. Imagine humans having total control and freedom over their meeting their own needs and ensuring their own well-being while they are empowered to bring forth a nature-driven civilization. 

Today, I embark on a journey of a lifetime with the commitment to discover a new life; one of freedom, ease, and collective resilience. I want myself and my family to learn all the skills necessary for our survival and welfare. I want those skills to be taught to my children and grandchildren. I want us to take responsibility for our lives and know that we can create sustainable and healthy communities that allow us to experience happiness in connection while harmoniously cultivating the earth’s resources."

— Eiman Al Zaabi

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The Vine Communities Center is founded on the fundamental belief in humanity's ability to become resilient in an uncertain future and invests in our ability to thrive in the years to come.

We work to enable local communities to learn the skills necessary for local reliance, preparedness, and mutual aid covering
four main domains as the pillars required for building sustainable and resilient communities. Those four domains are the following:

  • Personal Resilience
  • Family Self-Sufficiency
  • Essential Life Skills
  • Communal Resilience

Why the UAE?

We are a locally based center concerned with creating resilience within our local communities. The UAE has a desert climate that makes it a challenging place to create food security. The country primarily depends on imports to feed its population. The increased socio-political tensions and possible future interruptions to the food supply chain make this part of the world vulnerable to food shortages.

In addition, the increased popularity of consumer culture and excessive reliance on technological enhancements have contributed to cultural knowledge loss within the population regarding essential life skills such as traditional food preparations, desert gardening, food storage, and survival skills. The Vine Communities Center of Sustainable Development will work on strengthing resilience within the local population, focusing on the elements of Personal Resilience, Self Sufficiency, Survival Skills, and Communal Resilience among all age groups for both UAE nationals and the Expat community.

Our Approach

We believe that learning is social, experiential, and contextual. Therefore, our programs are a balanced mix of theory and practice. Our children are provided every opportunity to try and experiment; consequently, we created Lab Hours dedicated for children to have access to the workshop or farm to apply their learning and try things out while further supporting their innovation and creativity.

Our programs are designed to provide individuals with the "know-how" to achieve their resilience and self-sufficiency goals. We deploy a 'just-in-time' learning model, meaning that individuals get to choose from various classes that suit their needs and fill their skill gaps to progress on their journey towards self-sufficiency and personal resilience.

We are a community-led project. Therefore, our instructors are local community members with experience. We also welcome adults who have specialized expertise and want to use our facility to give a one-off how-to or a DIY session to share their knowledge about related topics. All registered instructors have earned the Vine Communities Instructor Badge. For more information about the instructor registration process, please go to the Instructors Registration Page.


Vine Communities Center is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The center is registered under the Department of Economic Development and ACTVET. The Vine Communities Farm is a space for learning designed to provide a model for everyday families to learn the skills necessary for growing their food and learn the basics of food preparation and preservation. The Vine Communities Center classrooms are located inside Abu Dhabi and host the Growth Hub, the Lab, and our main offices.



Founder & Managing Director

Yousef Al Zaabi

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Mike Metzger

Lead Instructor

Ana Louise

Social Media Strategist

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