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I am starting a movement called Vine Communities that enables local communities to learn the skills necessary for local reliance, preparedness, and mutual aid. We are an educational center located in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates with a mission focused on helping everyday families including children to prepare for an unpredictable future and to gain the skills necessary to live a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

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Why the UAE?

We are a locally based center concerned with creating resilience within our local communities. The UAE has a desert climate that makes it a challenging place to create food security. The country primarily depends on imports to feed its population. The increased socio-political tensions and possible future interruptions to the food supply chain make this part of the world vulnerable to food shortages.

In addition, the increased popularity of consumer culture and excessive reliance on technological enhancements have contributed to cultural knowledge loss within the population regarding essential life skills such as traditional food preparations, desert gardening, food storage, and survival skills. The Vine Communities Center of Sustainable Development will work on strengthing resilience within the local population, focusing on the elements of Personal Resilience, Self Sufficiency, Survival Skills, and Communal Resilience among all age groups for both UAE nationals and the Expat community.

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By choosing a self-sufficient lifestyle, you will be able to reduce your reliance on fragile supply chain systems; you will move from being a consumer to being a provider and collaborator in a certain community. Learning how to cut costs is easy when you can produce your own food, raise the animals that will feed you and your family, and gain the means to food preservation and fermentation that will help you store and consume food over long periods of time. It's time to take charge of our destiny and begin the work needed to create a nature-driven civilization.

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